New Bank of England’s 5 pound note made of animal fat

Q.  A new Bank of England’s 5 pound note has angered vegetarians because:
- Published on 05 Dec 16

a. It extolls the virtues of non-vegetarianism.
b. It contains traces of animal fat.
c. It is reserved for use by non-vegans.
d. None of the above

ANSWER: It contains traces of animal fat.
New Bank of England’s 5 pound note made of animal fatThe new £5 note issued by the Bank of England has angered the vegetarians after it was revealed that it contains traces of animal fat.

The 5 pound note entered circulation in Sept 2016. But the presence of the meat substance was only confirmed on 28th Nov 2016 by a Bank of England tweet.

The new five pound notes are printed on polymer, a film which is thin and made of plastic; it is more durable and safer as compared to paper money.

Within the polymer pallets used in the creation of the film is a substance called tallow derived from animal fat.

Tallow is commonly used in candles and soap.

About the Protest
  • Online petition initiated by Doug Maw has gained more than 90,000 signatures calling the notes unacceptable.
  • Vegan communities such as Hindus, Sikhs and Jains have also joined in the protest.
  • As per the petitioners, the presence of animal fat is a violation of vegan preference to not harm animals.
  • The new note is not the only one based on polymer.

  • New polymer notes of the following denominations will also be out:

  • £10: 2017
  • £20: 2020

  • Decision to shift to polymer is because:

  • Notes last longer
  • They stay cleaner
  • They are harder to copy.

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