New method to detect dark matter in dwarf galaxies found

Q.  What is galactoseismology?
- Published on 14 Jan 16

a. Method to detect dark matter
b. Method to assess dark matter
c. Method to detect dwarf galaxies dominated by dark matter
d. None of the above

ANSWER: Method to detect dwarf galaxies dominated by dark matter
A global team of scientists led by Indian- American Sukanya Chakrabarti devised s new method called galactoseismology for detecting dwarf galaxies dominated by dark matter. Method also explains ripples on the external disk of the galaxy. Chakrabarti, an assistant professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, NY has presented her findings whereby the discovered method employs the use of the waves in the galactic disk to map inner structures and mass of galaxies. This is similar to seismologists who use seismic waves to gather details about the inner part of the earth. Method will be used for hunting mysterious space phenomenon. Team uses the spectroscopic observations for calculation of the speed of three Cepheid variables in the Norma constellation. Cepheid variables are stars used as yardstick for calculating the galaxies’ distances. Study tracks Cepheid variables travelling at the speed of 450,000 MPH.

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