Now, MIT scientists 3D print entire building!

Q.  MIT scientists have designed a robotic system for 3D printing the basic structure of _________.
- Published on 28 Apr 17

a. An entire building
b. The human body
c. Computer machine
d. None of the above

ANSWER: An entire building
Now, MIT scientists 3D print entire building!MIT scientists have designed a new robotic system that can 3D print the basic structure of an entire building, an advance that would make building houses a faster, less expensive process.

The building could be completely customised to the needs of a particular site and the desires of its maker. Even the internal structure could be modified in new ways.

Different materials could be incorporated as the process goes along.

The material density could be varied for optimum combinations of strength, insulation, or other properties.

Ultimately, this approach could enable the design and construction of new kinds of buildings that would not be feasible with traditional building methods.

The system consists of a tracked vehicle that carries a large, industrial robotic arm, which has a smaller, precision-motion robotic arm at its end.

This highly controllable arm can then be used to direct any construction nozzle.

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