Numerical - Angle made by coplanar forces

Q.  What is the angle made by force A with X and Y ?
(where X and Y are components of force A)

- Published on 21 Sep 15

a. 75.52o
b. 60.65o
c. 14.03o
d. 14.47o

ANSWER: 75.52o


  • dinesh thale   -Posted on 01 Apr 21
    here, we want origin of sine rule . every question have short discusion from where it come's .. so it will be easily understood by student..lastly thank you so much...
  • Rajesh kumar   -Posted on 31 May 16
    Vill nagra post neemgaon dicet lakhimpur kheri
  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 14 Dec 15
    In this condition, force A is greater than force of X and Y. Hence, it is the condition of non perpendicular resolution.

    Non perpendicular resolution: It is defined as the resolution in which force resolved in two directions and they are not perpendicular to each other.

    By using Sine rule,

    (80 / sin α) = 40 / sin (180 – 2α)

    sin α = 2 sin 2α

    sin α = 2 [ 2 sin α cos α]

    cos α = (1 / 2)

    α = cos -1 (1 / 4)

    α = 75.52°

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