Numerical - Bending moment, given cantilever beam, length & load?

Q.  A 10 m long cantilever beam is fixed at point B. What is the bending moment at point B, if 5 m span of AC carries uniform distributed load of 10 kN/m?
- Published on 21 Sep 15

a. 125 kN/m
b. 200 kN/m
c. 375 kN/m
d. 500 kN/m

ANSWER: 375 kN/m


  • Sreerag   -Posted on 04 Dec 22
    Note that the unit of moment is kNm and not kN/m
  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 24 Nov 15
    Cantilever beam: It is a rigid structural element which is anchored at one end from which it protrudes.

    - Given: Load acting on AC = 10 kN/m, Length of AC = Length of CB = 5 m

    - Solution:

    Bending moment acting on point B, at the fixed end of cantilever beam is calculated as shown below:

    Maximum bending moment at point B = [10 x 5] [5 + (5/2)]

    = 375 kN/m

    Bending moment at point B i.e at the fixed end of cantilever beam is 375 kN/m

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