Numerical - Equivalent stiffness of spring, given spring stiffness

Q.  Calculate equivalent stiffness of the spring for the system shown below, which has spring stiffness of 3000 N/m
- Published on 11 Sep 15

a. 1000 N/m
b. 2250 N/m
c. 2000 N/m
d. None of the above

ANSWER: 2250 N/m


  • Shoeb tamboli   -Posted on 10 Sep 20
    Keq1=k+k=2k (both are parallel)
    Keq2=k+2k=3k (keq1 and k are parallel)

    =2250 NM
  • Sonu Chhetri Rawat   -Posted on 02 Sep 20
    The complete solution is here- First 3 springs in Parallel so Its equivalent ,Ke =3K
    And we have below 1 string which is series with this equivalent stiffness(i.e Ke=3K) So , The equivalent of this gives , 1/Kef = 1/K + 1/3K = 4/3K (Kef= final equivalent )
    Kef= 3K/4=3(3000)/4= 2250 N/m

  • suhaib   -Posted on 16 Dec 17
    for parallel case keq=k1+k2 for series 1/ke=1/k1+1/k2
  • Ali   -Posted on 20 Jun 17
    I need help with the detail solution
  • khalid hameed   -Posted on 26 Apr 17
    explanation of the above question required
  • Emad   -Posted on 21 Apr 17
    Thanks for sending me details of answer the question above.

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