Numerical - Frequency of oscillations for given distributed capacitance of 3-phase alternator

Q.  Refer to the following facts to answer the question

A 50 Hz, 11 kV, 3 phase alternator with earthed neutral having a reactance of 3 ohms per phase and is connected to a bus bar through a circuit breaker, if the distributed capacitance upto CB between the phase and neutral is 0.01 μ F.

What is the frequency of oscillations?

- Published on 17 Nov 15

a. 10000 Hz
b. 12500 Hz
c. 12628 Hz
d. 13265 Hz

ANSWER: 12628 Hz


  • Animish   -Posted on 03 Feb 17
    The answer to the above mentioned question is 16291Hz
    The answer displayed is correct if the reactance is 5 ohms per phase but given reactance is 3 ohms per phase.

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