Numerical - Galvanometer deflection & sensitivity for given parameters of Wheatstone bridge

Q.  The resistances of the various arms of Wheatstone bridge are P = 500 ohm, Q = 50 ohm, R = 1010 ohm and S = 100 ohm. The emf of the batter is 5 V and the current sensitivity of galvanometer is 8 mm/μA. If the internal resistance of the galvanometer is 80 ohm then the deflection of galvanometer and the sensitivity of the bridge in terms of deflection per unit change of resistance are
- Published on 05 Nov 15

a. 151.2 mm, 30.24 mm/ohm
b. 100 mm, 21.03 mm/ohm
c. 186 mm, 40.37 mm/ohm
d. 193 mm, 20.74 mm/ohm

ANSWER: 151.2 mm, 30.24 mm/ohm

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