Numerical - Making current computation for given ratings of three phase circuit breaker

Q.  A three phase circuit breaker is rated 2000 MVA, 33 kV. What will be its making current?
- Published on 18 Nov 15

a. 35 kA
b. 49 kA
c. 70 kA
d. 89 kA



  • Fouzia   -Posted on 14 Oct 17
    I want the clear explanation to this question
  • Marciano Francis   -Posted on 31 Jul 16
    making current= 2.55 x 2000x10^6 /1.73*33x10^3 = 89.25KA
  • DHARA CHAUHAN   -Posted on 21 Dec 15
    breaking current = fault MVA*1000/1.73*VOLTAGE IN KV
    making current= 2.55 times breaking current

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