Numerical - Minimum consumer voltage for given cross-sectional area of distributor

Q.  A 2 wire dc street mains AB, 600 m long is fed from both ends at 220 V. Loads of 20 A, 40 A, 50 A and 30 A are tapped at distances 100m, 250m, 400m and 500m from the end A. If the area of cross section of distributor is 1 cm2, what will be the minimum consumer voltage? If ? = 1.7 * 10-6 Ω cm.

2 wire dc street mains
- Published on 23 Nov 15

a. 220 V
b. 215.69 V
c. 218.36 V
d. 222.58 V

ANSWER: 215.69 V


  • Viki   -Posted on 20 Apr 20
  • latha    -Posted on 24 Jan 18
    i want to know how can get the sollutions. that means i want full explanation about each and every problems.please.....

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