Numerical - Modulus of resilience, given stress & E

Q.  Load is gradually applied on a steel plate shown below, what is the modulus of resilience, if 130 N/mm2 is the maximum stress applied? (Assume E = 100 x 103 Mpa)
- Published on 23 Sep 15

a. 0.845 N/mm2
b. 0.0845 N/mm2
c. 0.00845 N/mm2
d. Insufficient data

ANSWER: 0.0845 N/mm2


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 24 Nov 15
    Proof resilience: It is the maximum strain energy which is stored within elastic limit. It is also called as strain energy.

    Modulus of resilience: It is defined as the proof resilience per unit volume. It is given as (σ2 / 2E)

    Given: Maximum stress applied = 130 N/mm2, E = 100 x 103 Mpa

    Formula: Modulus of resilience = (σ2 / 2E)


    Substituting the given values, we get

    Modulus of resilience = (σ2 / 2E)

    = (1302) / (2 x 100 x 103)

    = 0.0845 N/mm2

    Modulus of resilience = 0.0845 N/mm2

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