Numerical - Pitch cone angles, given number of teeth

Q.  A pair of straight bevel gears consists of 16 pinion teeth and 42 gear teeth. What are the pitch cone angles of pinion and gear?
67.60o & 32.4o?

- Published on 23 Sep 15

a. 67.60o & 22.39o
b. 52.14o & 37.86o
c. 20.85o & 69.14o
d. 35.12o & 54.88o

ANSWER: 20.85o & 69.14o


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 28 Sep 15
    The angle made by pitch cone element with gear axis is pitch cone angle.
    In bevel gears addition of pitch cone angles of bevel gear and bevel pinion is equal to 90o
    i.e γp + γg = 90o

    Given: Number of teeth on pinion = 16 & number of teeth on gear = 42

    Formula: γp = tan-1 (zp / zg) & γg = tan-1 (zg / zp)

    Substituting the given values we get,

    γp = 20.85o & γg = 69.14o

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