Numerical - Power radiated by antenna

Q.  A dipole carries r.m.s. current of about 300A across the radiation resistance 2 Ω. What would be the power radiated by an antenna?
- Published on 01 Oct 15

a. 90 kW
b. 135 kW
c. 180 kW
d. 200 kW

ANSWER: 180 kW


  • srikanth   -Posted on 30 Dec 16
    pr=Rr *i2
    =180 kw
  • Parth   -Posted on 13 Dec 16
    Its wrong,
    P= (i^2*R)/2...for i rms
  • slayer   -Posted on 06 May 16
    p= i*i*r
    so p= 300*300*2

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