Object based language features - C++ basic concepts

Q.  Object based language differs from object oriented language as it does not support features _____ .

1. Encapsulation
2. Inheritance
3. Dynamic Binding
4. Abstraction
5. Polymorphism

- Published on 19 Jul 15

a. only 3 ,4
b. only 1,3,5
c. 2,4,5
d. Only 2,3

ANSWER: Only 2,3


  • Nihal   -Posted on 08 Oct 15
    Object based language differs from object oriented because it does not support inheritance, dynamic binding.
    Object-based language has in-built object like javascript has window object.
    Object-based languages are Javascript, VB etc.
    Object-oriented language supports all the features of OOPs as object, class, polymorphism, inheritance, abstraction etc.
    Object-oriented languages are C++, C#, Java etc

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