One-to-one mapping between hash keys & data rows - Oracle Clusters

Q.  Single-table hash cluster, provides fast access to rows in a table and this table must be the only table in the hash cluster. Essentially, there must be which mapping between hash keys and data rows?
- Published on 13 Aug 15

a. many-to-one mapping
b. one-to-many mapping
c. One-to-one mapping
d. Both A & B

ANSWER: One-to-one mapping


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 02 Sep 15
    - A relational mapping transforms any object data member type to a corresponding relational database (SQL) data source representation in any supported relational database.

    - Relational mappings let you map an object model into a relational data model.

    - One-to-one mapping - This mappings represent simple pointer references between two Java objects.
    - In Java, a single pointer stored in an attribute represents the mapping between the source and target objects.
    - Relational database tables implement these mappings using foreign keys.

    - One-to-many mapping - They are used to represent the relationship between a single source object and a collection of target objects.

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