Paragraph Formation - English (MCQ) for Bank, MBA, CAT, MAT, GMAT, SSC for Q. 27959

Q.  A. For years, the singles competition was judged according to two categories.
B. Secondly, the compulsory - figures category required each skater to perform three or six repetitions of three figures drawn from a possible 41 patterns.
C. Figure skating is primarily a sport of amateurs, contests are held for singles and for pairs.
D. Firstly, the free - skating category judged a skater’s ability to perform jumps, spins, spirals, and skating coordinated with music.
E. All figures are based on a figure - eight pattern or variations thereof.

- Published on 01 Mar 17


The first sentence should be C as it is the introductory statement about the sport of figure-skating.

The next sentence should be A as it tells us about the two categories.

The connective word ‘Firstly’ and ‘Secondly’ used in sentence D and B suggest their sequence. So, the next sentence should be D followed by B.

The last sentence should be E.
The correct sequence should be “CADBE”


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