Paragraph Formation - English (MCQ) for Bank, MBA, CAT, MAT, GMAT, SSC for Q. 27982

Q.  A. He explained to the king that the gunny bag full of grains was the real gold that the earth could give, which he had grown with lots of hard work.
B. King Aditya was growing old and decided to handover his kingdom to most deserving of his five sons.
C. He, then told them to use this land and return with gold after six months.
D. King Aditya was impressed and handed over his kingdom to Raviditya.
E. In order to test them he took them to a field and gave a piece of land to each one of them.
F. After six months, all returned empty handed except Raviditya who carried a gunny bag on his shoulder.

- Published on 01 Mar 17


The central theme of this paragraph is about King Aditya and his sons.

Here, the first sentence should be B as it introduces us to the plan of King Aditya. E logically follows sentence B.

Thus, we can eliminate option 1 and 4.

The next sentence should be C, as it tells about the test put forth by King Aditya for his sons.

Sentence F follows E as it states about the results after six months.

Thus, option 3 is the correct option.

The correct sequence should be “BECFAD”

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