Paragraph Formation - English (MCQ) for Bank, MBA, CAT, MAT, GMAT, SSC for Q. 28018

Q.  A. They take the path of revolt.
B. When the father says, “Don’t watch so much television,” the child is inclined to watch more of it.
C. Mental tension is common in people who have a strong urge for self-expression.
D. For instance, if parents place restriction on their children according to what they feel will benefit the children, the latter always revolt.
E. This is a general phenomenon in people who develop peculiar behavioral patterns when their urge is denied.
F. They feel that their freedom is being unnecessarily curtailed.

- Published on 01 Mar 17


The opening idea of this paragraph is given by sentence C.

So, C should be the first sentence.

Sentence E gives us the general opinion about these type of people, so it should come after C.

Sentence A tells us about the result or the actions such people take.

A is logically followed by D, as D provides example of the situation mentioned in the previous sentences.

F should follow sentence D as F tells us how the children feel when restrictions are placed on them.

The pronoun ‘they’ here is used for children, so it obviously will come after the noun ‘children’ used in the sentence D.

The correct sequence should be “CEADFB”

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