Parameters on which D-MOSFET biasing depends

Q.  Biasing of D-MOSFET in saturation or non-saturation region while using with depletion load device, specifically depends on ______
- Published on 24 Sep 15

a. VDD & Rs
b. VDD & VDS
c. VDD & ID
d. ID & Rs



  • Satyawati   -Posted on 05 Oct 15
    When the D-MOSFET device is used as a depletion load device, the biasing level of D-MOSFET can be undertaken in saturation or non-saturation regions.

    This perspective of biasing in either saturation or non-saturation regions is generally dependent on the VDD & Rs in addition to the parameter values.

    Biasing of D-MOSFET in the form of depletion load device is also applicable as a resistor. In addition to this, it has the capability or potential of replacing the resistors in MOSFET IC circuits.

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