Parting operation on lathe machine - Basic Mechanical Engineering

Q.  Which of the following operations is/are performed on a lathe machine?
- Published on 02 Sep 15

a. Spot-facing
b. Parting
c. Reaming
d. All of the above

ANSWER: Parting


  • Sravanthi    -Posted on 12 Nov 15
    - Different types of operations such as turning, chamfering, grooving, knurling, thread cutting, etc are the different operations performed on lathe machines.

    - Parting: The process of cutting a workpiece into two parts is called as parting.

    - Spot facing and reaming are the operations performed on a drilling machine.

    - Spot facing: In this process, any existing hole is enlarged to a larger diameter. The surface at the bottom of larger diameter is made flat so that washer can be easily provided in the enlarged hole. In this process, the depth of enlarged hole is small when compared with counter-boring operation.

    - Reaming: The process of smoothly finishing and sizing the drilled hole is called as reaming. In this process material removal is negligible.

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