Paul Ryan retained as speaker of House of Representatives

Q.  Who has been re-elected as House of Representatives speaker of the United States?
- Published on 05 Jan 17

a. Nancy Pelosi
b. Paul Ryan
c. Frederick Muhlenberg
d. None of the above

ANSWER: Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan retained as speaker of House of RepresentativesUS lawmakers voted to retain congressman Paul Ryan as speaker of the House of Representatives. He will be leading the 115th Congress before president elect Donald Trump's inauguration on 20th Jan 2017.

US House members voted 239 to 189 to re-elect Ryan to the key post over top Democrat and former speaker Nancy Pelosi.

5 other lawmakers voted for others. As speaker of the House, Ryan will lead the 2 year incoming session of the house. He had opposed Donald Trump during the Presidential race and even had refused to campaign with the him ahead of the November 2016 election.

Know More About the US Speaker's Office
  • Type: Presiding officer of one chamber in a bicameral legislature
  • Residence: Washington, D.C.
  • Seat: United States Capitol, District of Columbia, U.S.
  • Nominator: Those qualified to be a representative; in practice member of the house and party leadership.
  • Appointer: U.S. House of Representatives
  • Elected by the House, sworn in by the Dean
  • Term length: At the House's pleasure; elected at the start of each session, and upon a vacancy
  • Constituting instrument: U.S. Constitution
  • Formation: March 4, 1789
  • First holder: Frederick Muhlenberg (April 1, 1789)
  • Succession: Second in the Presidential Line of Succession
  • Website: Speaker.go

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