Perpetual Motion Machines and their definitions - Thermodynamics

Q.  Match the following group 1 items with group 2 items and select the correct option.

(1) PMM1 ---------------------------------- (A) Heat pump
(2) PMM2 ---------------------------------- (B) Violates the statement that total energy of the universe is constant
(3) Reversible heat engine ---------- (C) Violates Kelvin-Planck statement
(4) Carnot cycle ------------------------- (D) Reversible process

- Published on 20 Aug 15

a. (1)-(A), (2)-(B), (3)-(C), (4)-(D)
b. (1)-(B), (2)-(D), (3)-(C), (4)-(A)
c. (1)-(B), (2)-(C), (3)-(A), (4)-(D)
d. (1)-(C), (2)-(D), (3)-(B), (4)-(A)

ANSWER: (1)-(B), (2)-(C), (3)-(A), (4)-(D)
PMM1 is the machine which violates the first law of thermodynamics that the energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. Therefore total energy of the universe is constant. PMM2 is the machine which violates the second law of thermodynamics and Kelvin-Planck statement is one of the statements of second law thermodynamics. Reversible heat engine the engine which absorbs heat from low temperature body and supply it to high temperature body with the expense of external work on the system. This is the operation heat pump. And Carnot cycle is the cycle having all the processes reversible.

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