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Q.  Which file allows a no default parameter file to be used to configure the Instance?
- Published on 29 Jul 15

c. Both A & B
d. None of the above



  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 28 Aug 15
    - If the server was started using as local parameter file, the changes in the file could not be made to persist between shutdowns.

    - PFILE
    - A PFILE is a traditional text based init.ora parameter file.
    -Typically this resides on the server in the $ORACLE_BASE/admin/SID/pfile directory, with a symbolic link pointing to it from the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs directory.
    - In addition, a DBA may keep copies of this file on their local PC to allow remote startup.
    - A PFILE is necessary in order to create a SPFILE to enable persistent initialization parameters.

    - SPFILE
    - A SPFILE, Server Parameter File, is a server managed binary file that Oracle uses to hold persistent initialization parameters.
    - If a parameter is changed using the ALTER SYSTEM SET command Oracle will apply this parameter change to the current SPFILE.
    - Since the database uses this file during startup all parameter changes persist between shutdowns.
    - If the SPFILE is not specified Oracle will assume you are creating a default SPFILE.
    - If a default SPFILE already exists Oracle will overwrite it.
    - If the SPFILE is specified a non-default SPFILE will be created.
    - The named SPFILE must not be the same as a SPFILE that was used to start the current instance. Oracle recommends that you leave it to decide on the name and location of the SPFILE.

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