Position of moving blades

Q.  ________ blades are attached to the rotor or spindle.
- Published on 16 Sep 15

a. Fixed
b. Moving
c. Both fixed and moving
d. None of the above

ANSWER: Moving


  • Pankaj   -Posted on 16 Oct 15
    - Axial flow compressors are designed in such a way that it can pressurize gases continuously. It is an airfoil based compressor in which the air flows parallel to the axis of rotation.

    - When the air flows through the compressor, the energy level increases due to the action of rotor blades. These rotor blades exert torque on the air. These blades are called as moving blades and are attached to the rotor or spindle.

    - The stationary blades slows down the air and converts kinetic energy into pressure. For smooth and efficient operation, the ring of fixed and moving blades must be close.

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