Power transistor- Factors on which current gain depends

Q.  On which factor does the current gain (β) of power transistor depend?
- Published on 23 Sep 15

a. Thickness of emitter
b. Thickness of base
c. Thickness of collector
d. All of the above

ANSWER: Thickness of base


  • Satyawati   -Posted on 05 Oct 15
    Generally, the current gain of power transistor exhibits its dependency on the thickness of base, inspite of emitter or collector. Due to the reduction in the thickness of base, the gain of power transistor increases. This ultimately results in the reduction of breakdown voltage of power transistor.

    Since the parameter of breakdown voltage is more essential than the current gain in power transistor, the thickness of base is very larger as compared to that of logic level transistor.

    Due to increase in the thickness of base, there is possibility for the occurrence of maximum recombinations in the base region. This gives rise to an increase in base current while the collector current reduces. Hence, this eventually reduces the current gain in power transistors.

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