Pressure in isobaric process - Basic Mechanical Engineering

Q.  An isobaric process, has constant _____
- Published on 01 Sep 15

a. density
b. pressure
c. temperature
d. volume

ANSWER: pressure


  • Sravanthi    -Posted on 12 Nov 15
    A process in which properties of a system depart infinitesimally from thermodynamic equilibrium path is called as a quasi-static process.

    Different types of processes are as follows:

    1) Isobaric process: In this process, pressure remains constant.

    2) Isochoric process: In this process, volume remains constant.

    3) Adiabatic process: In this process, heat transfer between system and surroundings take place does not take place.

    4) Isothermal process: In this process, temperature remains constant.

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