Process of chamfering entrance of a drilled hole - Basic Mechanical Engineering

Q.  The process of chamfering the entrance of a drilled hole is known as_____
- Published on 02 Sep 15

a. counter-boring
b. counter-sinking
c. counter-fillet
d. trepanning

ANSWER: counter-sinking


  • Sravanthi    -Posted on 12 Nov 15
    - Counter-sinking: The process of chamfering entrance of a drilled hole is called as counter-sinking. Recess is provided for counter-sink rivet or counter-sink flat head screw to fit in the hole.

    - The tool used for this operation is called as counter-sink.

    - Counter boring: In this process, any existing hole is enlarged to a larger diameter. The surface at the bottom of larger diameter is made flat. In this process, the depth of enlarged hole is greater when compared with spot-facing operation.

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