Process of filling liquid into suction pipe & pump casing upto level of delivery valve

Q.  The process of filling the liquid into the suction pipe and pump casing upto the level of delivery valve is called as _________.
- Published on 16 Sep 15

a. filling
b. pumping
c. priming
d. leveling

ANSWER: priming


  • Pankaj   -Posted on 14 Oct 15
    The centrifugal head produced in the centrifugal pump causes the water to move radially outward at the higher velocity and causes the water to rise to the higher level.

    The following steps are involved in operation of centrifugal pump:

    1. The delivery valve is closed.

    2. The liquid is filled into suction pipe and casing up to the level of delivery valve so that no air pockets are lift in the system. This process is called as priming. There may be problem in delivery of liquid by the pump, if any air or gas pockets are left in this portion of pump.

    3. An external source of power like a motor or any other prime mover is used to rotate the pump shaft and impeller.

    4. When the speed of impeller reaches at the speed where it can produce the centrifugal head, then the discharge from delivery pipe is initiated.

    5. High pressure is produced due to centrifugal head in the liquid. Therefore, delivery valve is opened and the liquid is lifted and discharged through from delivery pipe.

    6. To avoid the back flow from the high head reservoir, it is always necessary to close the delivery pipe before stopping the pump.

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