Product Revision is not related to Reusability - SDLC

Q.  Product Revision is not related to _________ .
- Published on 13 Aug 15

a. Maintainability
b. Testability
c. Flexibility
d. Reusability

ANSWER: Reusability


  • Prajakta Pandit   -Posted on 01 Nov 15

    - Product revision is not related to Reusability.

    - Reusability is related to product transition. If we are able to use the software code with some modifications for different purposes then we call that software to be reusable.

    - Product revision considers the following characteristics :

      1. Maintainability
      2. Flexibility
      3. Testability
      4. Scalability
      5. Modularity
      6. Extensibility

    Maintainability : The maintenance of the software should be easy for any kind of user.

    Flexibility : The changes made in the software should be easy.

    Testability : The testing of the software should be easy.

    Scalability : It should be easy to upgrade.

    Extensibility : It should be easy to increase the functions performed by software product.

    Modularity : If the software is divided into separate independent parts that can be modified, tested separately, it has high modularity.

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