Projectile motion - Factors affecting the actual path of motion

Q.  In projectile motion, which of the following factors affecting the actual path of motion are neglected?
- Published on 18 Sep 15

a. Curvature of earth
b. Rotation of earth
c. Wind resistance
d. All of the above

ANSWER: All of the above


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 15 Dec 15
    - During projectile motion, the different factors affecting the actual path of motion are:

    1) Wind resistance: Wind or air resistance has a major impact on the projectile motion. During projectile motion, the horizontal velocity remains constant and it is only influenced by the gravity force. The path traced is parabolic only when the effect of air resistance is neglected.

    - But during projectile motion if air resistance is considered, the path traced by the object is not parabolic. Along with gravity force, air friction also acts on it. Air friction acts in the direction opposite to the direction of motion and the projectile has no horizontal vertical velocity.

    2) Rotation of earth: Rotation of earth also has an effect on the projectile motion. The object dropped from top of a building may not land down parallel after undergoing parabolic path and may land on some different spot due earth's rotation. The effect of earth's rotation is considered only for long path and hence is neglected for short distances.

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