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Q.  The following group profile properties defined under a group name in Web.config file. How will you access Street and City property?

<group name="Address">
<add name="Street" />
<add name="City" />

- Published on 28 Jul 15

a. -
b. - Profile.Address.Street
 - Profile.Address.City
c. - Address.Street
 - Address.City
d. None of the above.

ANSWER: - Profile.Address.Street
 - Profile.Address.City


  • Raj Singh   -Posted on 16 Sep 15
    In many applications, user wants to store and use information that is unique that user. Using profiles we can remember the user between visits and display the appropriate information to him. You can also create group of set of properties in web.config file.
    In the above question you can access the profile properties as:
    Here Profile is the property of HttpContext Class and Address is the name of group.

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