Quality of product comes under indirect measures - Software Specification & Measurement

Q.  Quality of the product comes under which type of measures?
- Published on 23 Jul 15

a. Indirect measures
b. Direct measures
c. Coding
d. None of the above.

ANSWER: Indirect measures


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 05 Oct 15
    - To assess the quality of the engineered product or system and to better understand the models that are created, some measures are used.

    - These measures are collected throughout the software development life cycle with an intention to improve the software process on a continuous basis.

    - Measurement helps in estimation,quality control,productivity assessment and project control throughout a software project.

    - Measurement is also used by software engineers to gain insight into the design and development of the work products.

    - It also helps to assist in strategic decision-making as a project proceeds.

    - Software measurements are divided into two categories.
    Direct measures
    - It includes the software processes like cost and effort applied and products like lines of code produced, execution speed, and other defects that have been reported.

    Indirect measures
    - It includes products like functionality,quality,complexity,reliability,maintainability and much more.

    - A software measurement is considered as a management tool which if conducted in an effective manner, helps the project manager and the entire software team to take decisions that lead to successful completion of the project.

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