Ratio of actual work absorbed by axial flow compressor to theoretical work

Q.  What is the ratio of the actual work absorbed by an axial flow compressor to the theoretical work called?
- Published on 16 Sep 15

a. Work input factor
b. Workdone factor
c. Both a. and b.
d. None of the above

ANSWER: Both a. and b.


  • Pankaj   -Posted on 16 Oct 15
    - In the axial flow compressor, the passage between the blades are diverging and the flow is decelerating. This leads to the fact that the velocity of flow in an axial flow compressor is much less at hub and the casing and it is high in the central region of flow.

    - Therefore, the work absorbing capacity in the central region decreases with increase in velocity of flow whereas it increases near the hub and casing due to reduction in flow velocity.

    - This situation results in reduction of overall capacity of work in a stage. Thus the work input factor (Ψw) can be defined as the ratio of actual work absorbed to the theoretical work. It is also called as workdone factor

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