Replication group - Definition - Oracle Replication

Q.  A _______________ is a collection of one or more replicated objects (typically tables) that are administrated together.
- Published on 12 Aug 15

a. Replica
b. Replica group
c. Replication
d. Replication group

ANSWER: Replication group


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 18 Sep 15
    - Replication - It is the process of copying and maintaining database objects, such as tables, in multiple databases that make up a distributed database system.

    - Replication group - It is a collection of replication objects that are logically related.
    - The objects in a replication group are administered together.
    - By organizing related database objects within a replication group, it is easier to administer many objects together.
    - Typically, you create and use a replication group to organize the schema objects necessary to support a particular database application.
    - However, replication groups and schemas do not need to correspond with one another.
    - A replication group can contain objects from multiple schemas, and a single schema can have objects in multiple replication groups.
    - However, a replication object can be a member of only one replication group.

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