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Q.  Which is not a step of Requirement Engineering?
- Published on 22 Jul 15

a. Requirements elicitation
b. Requirements analysis
c. Requirements design
d. Requirements documentation

ANSWER: Requirements design


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 05 Oct 15
    - Requirements engineering (RE) refers to the process of defining, documenting and maintaining requirements and to the subfields of systems engineering and software engineering concerned with this process.

    - Requirements engineering emphasizes the use of systematic and repeatable techniques that ensure the completeness, consistency, and relevance of the system requirements.
    - Specifically, requirements engineering encompasses requirements elicitation, analysis, specification, verification, and management, where

    Requirements elicitation
    - It is the process of discovering, reviewing, documenting, and understanding the user's needs and constraints for the system.

    Requirements analysis
    - It is the process of refining the user's needs and constraints.

    Requirements specification
    - It is the process of documenting the user's needs and constraints clearly and precisely.

    Requirements verification
    - It is the process of ensuring that the system requirements are complete, correct, consistent, and clear.

    Requirements management
    -It is the process of scheduling, coordinating, and documenting the requirements engineering activities (that is, elicitation, analysis, specification, and verification).

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