Research identifies pancreatic cancer as 4 different diseases

Q.  Research has identified which form of cancer as a set of 4 diseases each with differing genetic triggers and survival rates?
- Published on 26 Feb 16

a. Lung cancer
b. Blood cancer
c. Throat cancer
d. Pancreatic cancer

ANSWER: Pancreatic cancer
Recent research has found that pancreatic cancer is not one, but 4 diseases watch with differing survival rates and genetic triggers leading the way for more accurate diagnosis and treatment of the same. University of Melbourne researchers have also found 10 genetic pathways at the core of transforming normal pancreatic tissue into cancerous tumours. Some of these processes are related to bladder and lung cancers, opening up the possibility of using treatments for these cancers to also treat pancreatic cancer. 32 genes have been identified from 10 genetic pathways mutated in pancreatic tumours, but further analyses showed 4 distinct types suggesting four different kinds of disease with differing treatments.

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