Risk Mitigation is Risk Avoidance Activity Risk Monitoring is Project tracking Activity

Q.  Risk Mitigation is a Risk _______ Activity. Risk Monitoring is a _____ Activity.
- Published on 13 Aug 15

a. Avoidance, Project tracking.
b. Increasing, Project tracking.
c. Project tracking, Avoidance.
d. Random, Tracking.

ANSWER: Avoidance, Project tracking.


  • Prajakta Pandit   -Posted on 06 Nov 15

    - Risk mitigation is a risk avoidance activity. Risk monitoring is a project tracking activity.

    - Risk mitigation is the primary strategy and it is achieved through a plan.

    - Risk monitoring may allow the project manager to ascertain what risk have caused the various problems throughout the project.

    - During risk monitoring, the project manager monitor factors that may provide an indication of whether a risk is becoming more or less likely.

    - During risk mitigation, it mitigate those causes that are under our control before the project starts.

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