Roll Out to Additional Hosts - Administering and Managing an Oracle Database

Q.  Which task of the Database Administrator is available for cloning on Oracle home and on a database?
- Published on 12 Aug 15

a. Back Up the Fully Functional Database
b. Tune Database Performance
c. Download and Install Patches
d. Roll Out to Additional Hosts

ANSWER: Roll Out to Additional Hosts


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 27 Aug 15
    - There are certain tasks which are undertaken by the Database Administrator

    - These tasks are used to present a prioritized approach for designing, implementing, and maintaining an Oracle Database

    - Some of the tasks are:

    1. Back Up the Fully Functional Database - When the database is fully implemented, again back up the database.
    - In addition to regularly scheduled backups, you should always back up your database immediately after implementing changes to the database structure.

    2. Tune Database Performance - Optimizing the performance of the database is one of your ongoing responsibilities as a DBA.
    - Oracle Database provides a database resource management feature that helps you to control the allocation of resources among various user groups.

    3. Download and Install Patches - After installation and on a regular basis, download and install patches.
    - Patches are available as single interim patches and as patchsets (or patch releases).
    - Interim patches address individual software bugs and may or may not be needed at your installation.
    - Patch releases are collections of bug fixes that are applicable for all customers.
    - Patch releases have release numbers

    4. Roll Out to Additional Hosts - Instead of installing, tuning, and patching on each additional host, you can clone your tested Oracle Database installation to other hosts, saving time and eliminating inconsistencies.
    - There are two types of cloning available to you:

    -Cloning an Oracle home — Just the configured and patched binaries from the Oracle home directory and subdirectories are copied to the destination host and "fixed" to match the new environment. You can then start an instance with this cloned home and create a database.
    You can use the Enterprise Manager Clone Oracle Home tool to clone an Oracle home to one or more destination hosts. You can also manually clone an Oracle home using a set of provided scripts and Oracle Universal Installer.

    - Cloning a database — The tuned database, including database files, initialization parameters, and so on, are cloned to an existing Oracle home (possibly a cloned home). You can use the Enterprise Manager Clone Database tool to clone an Oracle database instance to an existing Oracle home.

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