Russian-Indian naval exercise Indra NAVY 2016 to be held

Q.  Russian-Indian naval exercises are scheduled from 14-21 Dec. What is the name of these exercises?
- Published on 12 Dec 16

a. Indra Navy 2016
b. Indra 2016
c. Navy 2016
d. Navy Indra 2016

ANSWER: Indra Navy 2016
Russian Indian Indra Navy 2016 naval exercise will be held from 14 to 21 Dec in SE Indian coastal city, Vizag and the Bay of Bengal.

The exercise comprises two phases:
  • Harbour from 14-18 Dec in Vizag.
  • Sea phase will take place in the Bay of Bengal from 19-21 Dec.

Harbour phase includes table top exercises, planning conferences ashore, official visit exchanges and sports and cultural events.

Sea Phase will include various fleet operations.

Two countries have been conducting anti terror drills since 2003.

Since 2005, the name Indra was given to these drills.

Indra drills/navy exercises were also held in 2007, 2014 and 2015.

Know Russia

  • World’s largest nation.
  • Borders: EU, Asia and Pacific and Arctic oceans
  • Landscape: Tundra, forests, beaches, plains.
  • Famous for Bolshoi and Mariinsky ballet companies.
  • Capital: Moscow
  • Currency: Russian rouble
  • President: Vladimir Putin
  • Population: 143.5m (World Bank 2013 estimate)

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