Scientists discover ANN system

Q.  What does ANN stand for?
- Published on 24 Dec 15

a. Artificial Neurological Network
b. Artificial Neural Network
c. Artificial Intelligence Neural Network
d. AI Neural Network

ANSWER: Artificial Neural Network
Beijing scientists have discovered an Artificial Neural Network system. This is a type of information processing system that replicates the functioning of the biological brain and has application ind domains such as AI, decision support system, signal processing and automatic control. SNN or Spiking Neural Network is the biologically inspired ANN that reforms processing associated with discrete time spikes. It is more biologically realistic than classic ANNs. Researchers from 2 Chinese universities have developed the Darwin Neural Processing Unit (NPU), a neuromorphic hardware co-processor based on Spiking Neural Networks, fabricated by standard CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) technology.

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