Scientists : Melting glaciers across earth’s pole leading to longer days

Q.  Melting of glaciers near the poles of the earth has resulted in rise in which level causing a slowing down of the planet’s rotation?
- Published on 14 Dec 15

a. Heat
b. Ice
c. Sea
d. None of the above

Melting of glaciers near the poles of the earth and rise in sea level has slowed down the earth’s rotation, increasing the length of the days. Scientists are studying past changes in sea level to make accurate future predictions. Melting water from glaciers not only causes a rise in sea levels, but also leads the shift of the mass from the poles to the equator. Gravity from the moon also leads to the slowdown. Consequently, the length of the days is slowly rising and in a century from now, it will increase by 1.7 milliseconds.

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