SeaBubbles : Flying water taxis powered by river currents

Q.  Flying water taxis are set to be used on the Thames. What are these electric boats called?
- Published on 16 Jan 17

a. SeaBubbles
b. SeaKing
c. SeaQueen
d. SeaFlow

ANSWER: SeaBubbles
SeaBubbles : Flying water taxis powered by river currentsFlying water taxis run on power generated by river currents could be tested on Thames in London; the electric boats are called SeaBubbles.

These have hydrofoils to lift them out of the water, reducing the drag allowing them to reach 25 knots.

This creates a ride likened to the magic carpet.

This comes with specially designed dock with numerous turbines in the water. As the solar panels will supply power needed to run the boats, they are “off grid.”

Five SeaBubbles are due to start a trial on the River Seine in Paris too.

SeaBubble was more efficient than traditional boats because of the hydrofoils. As you lift the hull out of the water you lose 40% of the drag.

With the system, with the water turbines below the docks, one can create the energy needed to operate the fleet.

The river currents are 24 hours.

It stores the energy in 'power walls' (batteries) to run the taxis for 12 to 15 hours, depending on the power of the river and the size of the turbines.

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