Seating Arrangement - Logical Reasoning (MCQ) Questions for Q. 29045

Q.  Read the following information to answer the given question.

1. Antman, Batman, Cyclops, Deadpool, Electro, Falcon, and Gambit are standing near a wall and all of them are facing east.
2. Cyclops is on the immediate right of Deadpool.
3. Batman is at an extreme end and has Electro as his neighbor.
4. Gambit is between Electro and Falcon.
5. Deadpool is standing third from the south end.

Deadpool is standing in between which of the following pairs?

- Published on 07 Jul 17

a. Antman-Cyclops
b. Cyclops-Falcon
c. Gambit-Electro
d. Batman-Falcon

ANSWER: Cyclops-Falcon
Since all of them are facing East, the left and right should be taken into consideration accordingly.
When a person is facing east, ‘Person’s Right’ will be towards South and ‘Person’s Left’ will be towards North.

Cyclops is to the right of Deadpool.
Deadpool is the third from south.
So, Batman will be at extreme end from the north because it should have Electro as neighbor.
Gambit is between Electro and Falcon.

So, the sequence is –

seating arrangement 17

Deadpool is between Falcon and Cyclops.

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