Seating Arrangement - Logical Reasoning (MCQ) Questions for Q. 29448

Q.  Read the following information to answer the given question.

1. Rage, Raider, Rattler, Razor, Reaper, Rictor and Rogue are sitting in a circle facing at the centre.
2. Reaper is the neighbour Rage and Razor.
3. Rogue is not between Rictor and Rattler.
4. Rictor is to the immediate right of Rage.

Which of the following pairs are not adjacent to each other?

- Published on 25 Apr 17

a. Raider Rage
b. Rattler Raider
c. Razor Reaper
d. Rogue Razor

ANSWER: Raider Rage
In “Circular Seating Arrangement” when all the persons are facing inwards or center - then
Persons to his/her (specific person) left are in anti-clockwise direction.
Persons to his/her (specific person) right are in clockwise direction
Rictor is to immediate right of Rage.
Reaper is the neighbor of Rage and Razor i.e. Reaper is between Rage and Razor
Rogue is not between Rictor and Rattler. So, Raider is between Rictor and Rattler.
Thus, the arrangement is as shown -
seating arrangement 6 1579
Each one of Rattler-Raider, Razor-Reaper, and Rogue-Razor is a pair of persons sitting adjacent to each other, while Raider-Rage is not.

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