Selecting Words, Phrases & idioms - English (MCQ) for Bank, MBA, CAT, MAT, GMAT, SSC for Q. 20165

Q.  Complete the following sentences with the most appropriate words/phrases with reference to grammar, idioms, proverbs and syntax.

Birds of feather ______________

- Published on 14 Mar 16

a. fly together
b. flock together
c. dance together
d. tweet together

ANSWER: flock together
The correct idiom is “Birds of feather flock together.” Flying is something birds do in groups or single units. Birds cannot dance and tweet together always. But when it comes to gathering, birds of the same species can generally be found in a group. Ornithologists deem there is safety in numbers for this avian species while on land if they flock together. The idiom was coined by William Turner in 1545.

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