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Q.  The sensitivity of back pressure air gauge is given by the relation shown below, what does δ R / δ p2  signify?

(δR / δt) = (δ Am / δ t) x (δ R / δ p2 )  x (δ p2  / δ Am )

- Published on 07 Aug 15

a. Pneumatic sensitivity
b. Sensitivity of pressure gauge
c. Overall magnification
d. Measuring head sensitivity

ANSWER: Sensitivity of pressure gauge


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 23 Oct 15
    - Flow and pressure variation caused due to flow restriction is used in pneumatic comparators to measure changes in dimensions. The sensitivity of back pressure air gauge is given as

    δR / δt =δAm / δt x δp2 / δAm x δR / p2


    δAm / δt = measuring head sensitivity

    δR / δt = overall magnification

    δp2 / δAm = Pneumatic sensitivity

    δR / p2 = pressure gauge sensitivity

    - To achieve constant pneumatic sensitivity pressure p1 should be constant and to achieve high pneumatic sensitivity Am should be small.

    - Back pressure gauges can obtain overall magnification of 50000.

    - Measuring heads with parabolic ends are designed to obtain high range of linearity which is an advantage of back pressure gauge.

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