Sentence Completion - English (MCQ) for Bank, MBA, CAT, MAT, GMAT, SSC for Q. 21533

Q.  Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition

He comes ______ a family which has a passion _______ playing cricket.

- Published on 05 May 16

a. from, in
b. off, for
c. of, in
d. of, for

ANSWER: of, for
The correct option is (d) of, for
He comes of a family which has a passion for playing cricket.


  • gp   -Posted on 04 Sep 16
    how it is? i think my ans is from, in
  • pranita ekatpure   -Posted on 02 Aug 16
    i dont understad tis Q Ans
  • Derlyn   -Posted on 27 May 16
    isnt it from&in? im doubt with the use of of&for...

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