Set screws - Screw fastener threaded throughout length

Q.  Which type of screw fasteners are threaded through out its length?
- Published on 14 Sep 15

a. Cap screws
b. Set screws
c. Studs
d. Tap bolt

ANSWER: Set screws


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 04 Nov 15
    Different types of screw fasteners are as follows:

    1) Through bolt: This bolt is a cylindrical bar which consists of threads at one end and head at the other.

    2) Studs: This screw fastener is threaded at both the ends. One end of stud is screwed into tapped hole and at the other end nut is screwed.

    3) Set screws: These screws are small in size and are threaded throughout the length. Set screws are used to prevent relative motion between two different parts. Relative motion is prevented due to the friction between screw end and the part.

    4) Cap screws: These screws are similar to tap bolts and are small in size when compared with tap bolts.

    5) Tap bolt: This bolt passes through a hole in one part and it is screwed into tapped hole in second part. These bolts do not use a nut and tap bolt is used when arrangement has no provision to accommodate any nut. Threads get easily damaged due to insertion and removal of tap bolt.

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