Silicon likely to be the mystery element in earth's inner core!

Q.  Japanese scientists indicated which constituent of the earth's inner core to be a mystery element?
- Published on 13 Jan 17

a. Silicon
b. Silica
c. Sulphur
d. Nickel

ANSWER: Silicon
Silicon likely to be the mystery element in earthJapanese scientists have said that silicon is likely to be the mystery element in the inner core of the earth. This could solve one of the biggest secrets of the planet.

Consensus has long been that centre of the planet comprises:
  • Iron-85%
  • Nickel-10%
  • Sulphur, Oxygen and Silicon-5%
But Japanese scientists have found that iron nickel alloys mixed with silicon were able to sustain pressure and temperature found in the inner core of the earth.

Data for the mixed material observed with X-rays matched seismic data namely sound velocity, or seismic waves obtained for the inner core.

Finding could reveal if earth was rich in oxygen before photosynthesis.

Oxygen has been listed as another potential candidate for mystery element in the inner core.

About the Layers of the Earth
  • Earth is composed of three main layers: outer layer, mantle and core.
  • Outer layer is solid where creatures reside.
  • Mantle is composed of hot magma and other semi solid materials.
  • Core is composed of outer layer of liquid iron and nickel and inner layer - a hot dense ball of mostly iron.

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