Social media giant FB hired Kevin Lo as director of Infrastructure Connectivity and Investments

Q.  Social media giant FB has hired whom to boost the infrastructure connectivity and investments?
- Published on 27 Jun 16

a. Kevin Ho
b. Kevin Sho
c. Kevin Mo
d. None of the above

ANSWER: None of the above
Social media major Facebook has hired co-founder of Google Fibre high speed internet project to build up internet connectivity team. Social network major has hired Kevin Lo as director of the Infrastructure Connectivity and Investments to help FB partnerships such as Terragraph to bring WiFi to dense urban areas and FB partnership with Microsoft to build fibre optic cable
  • Lo also confirmed the appointment on his social media FB page and indicated he wants to bring on board over 4 billion people who lag behind in terms of high speed internet services
  • Lo will not look after Free Basics, FB initiative for developing nations for cheaper, faster access to Internet

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